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     Consistently great service from Carpet Cleaning Company Lea Bridge. Fantastic!
Blake Andrews20/06/2024
     Trustworthy and outstanding service. Setup was hassle-free and our cleaner is wonderful!
     I highly recommend using this company for dependable, convenient cleanings on a regular basis and their designated cleaner consistently surpasses expectations.
Adam N.22/05/2024
     I appreciated the punctuality of the cleaning crew.
Dan Red16/04/2024
     The attention to detail in maintaining the flat is outstanding and I have no doubt that this will lead to a seamless return of our deposit.
Greg Stewart30/03/2024
     I am so grateful to Lea Bridge Carpet Cleaner for their exceptional deep cleaning services. They truly turned my chaotic house into a pristine sanctuary.
     The efficient and friendly cleaner provided us with excellent service that left us completely content with the outcome of our clean carpet.
Lydia S.01/03/2024
     With their expertise in deep cleaning, the efficient workers transformed two properties to a higher level of cleanliness and also impressed us with their multitasking abilities.
     The cleaner's work was top-notch, they were incredibly helpful and hands-on, I can't wait to book their cleaning services again.
Adele Dundee23/01/2024
     Highly gratified with every service provided. Employees were extremely well-mannered and accountable.
     For the past four years or so, Carpet Cleaning Company Lea Bridge's cleaners have been my go-to choice for housecleaning services; never failing to show up when scheduled, always leaving a sparklingly clean result behind them after every job!
Matthew Hutchins07/02/2023
     I couldn't be happier with Lea Bridge Carpet Cleaning Services after using their service today! There was a slight delay in their arrival time but that didn't take away from the excellence of the job done on my flat- and even better, I received timely updates about the delay through text messages beforehand. The worker spoke perfect English which made communication easy and smooth- not only did he do a fantastic job but he also took much more time than necessary to make sure everything was just right! Highly recommended - my flat looks brand new once again!
     I have plenty of high praise for Lea Bridge Carpet Cleaner and their house cleaners. What they managed to achieve in such a little amount of time was nothing short of exceptional.
Rob F19/05/2020
     We've tried other cleaning services. This one isn't the cheapest, but they are the best. They take their work seriously and are always looking for ways to improve. Thanks!
Elsy N.20/09/2019
     Don't get much time for spring cleaning due to a demanding work schedule, but Carpet Cleaning Lea Bridge is always here to cater for these needs. I have been using this cleaning company for a while and always come home to a beautiful house.
G. Holt28/06/2017
     I was over the moon with Carpet Cleaning Company Lea Bridge who cleaned the upholstery in my home last week. Their upholstery cleaners did a great job and took care too. I had never used this type of service before but am so glad I did as it really revived my home furnishings. The cleaners made my sofas and curtains look like new. Everything looked so clean, and it wasn't costly either.
     I have used LeaBridgeCarpetCleaners's cleaning services many times in the past few years, and know friends who have done the same as well and I can safely say that all of us agree that the service quality that they provide is unmatched in the cleaning industry in London. I love the attention they pay to the customer's needs and their willingness to go out of the way to accommodate the customer's wishes. I think that makes for a very good business, so keep up the good work!
M. Dixon18/02/2015
     The last cleaning company I hired did a very good job at my home cleaning, but after they increased their prices I found it difficult to make ends meet. I love having my home professionally cleaned, and I didn't want to say goodbye to that, so I shopped around for a cheaper alternative. I found out about LeaBridgeCarpetCleaners through a friend, and was not just impressed with their fantastic home cleaning services but with their cheap rates too. I won't be leaving this company anytime soon!
Kieran L.29/01/2015
     I would recommend LeaBridgeCarpetCleaners to do your cleaning. I have been using them once a week for a year and have never had any problem with them. The staff are trustworthy and reliable and if you pay for two hours cleaning, then that's what you get. I needed my oven cleaning out a few weeks ago and I was very impressed with how clean she managed to get it. Most the time you get the same cleaner every week, but if for some reason your regular cleaner cannot make it, then someone else comes instead. I will continue to use them.
     I was expecting a few things from my first professional cleaning experience, but I wasn't ready for what LeaBridgeCarpetCleaners provided. I thought that a cleaning service with such a low price tag would go a by-the-numbers job, you know, you get what you pay for. No, this company provided a top notch service from start to finish. The cleaners did a remarkable job ,and were easy to get along with. They offered good advice, and enjoyed a good cuppa too! My first experience was a fine one indeed, and I look forward to dealing with this company again in the future!
Tim B.29/08/2014
     I was moving overseas for work and renting out my house for a year. The place needed an overall as I hadn't had time to keep up with the detailed cleaning jobs. I hired LeaBridgeCarpetCleaners who were brilliant. I booked a meeting and they came to give me a quote which I was pleased with. The date was set and the workers arrived armed with all of the cleaning supplies and equipment. They did a detailed clean through the entire house. Great attention was paid to the bathroom and kitchen appliances as well as cleaning skirting boards, light switches and door knobs. They did a great job.
Tom R.26/05/2014
     I am completely over the moon with the quality of service that I have been getting from LeaBridgeCarpetCleaners. You know that you are on to a winner when the cleaning team turn up a little early every time to have a quick chat and to make sure that you are alright and happy with the service before they get to work! I have been most impressed so far, so I don't know why they worry! A lovely bunch, with a great spirit of drive and good service, exactly what you need form those who are cleaning your home.
Gerald Rogers14/05/2014
     Much of the time, I do all the cleaning in the house, as well as going to work, and looking after the kids. However, sometimes I give myself a break, and call LeaBridgeCarpetCleaners. They are phenomenally fast, and really do make light work of jobs that take me ages, so it is a wonder that I don't use them all the time. Their prices are pretty incredible as well, simply because they charge by the hour and get everything done so fast! I like to think that I give them a good base to work from of course, but that may well be in my head! A fantastic domestic cleaning company, very well recommended!